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Contact Us
  • Xinjiang Tianshan Lotus Medcine Co. ,Ltd.
  • Address: Tianshan South Street,
    Fukang City, XinJiang, China.
  • Factory telephone:
  • TEL: +86-0991-4550750
    Fax: +86-0991-4549409
  • E-mail: xjtsl01@163.com
    Web site: http://www.www.mbayz.com
  • The republic QQ of our company
    QQ: 1159190066
About the company
  Xinjiang Tianshan Lotus Medcine Co. ,Ltd. was established in September 2006,with the total assets more than 10 millions.The plant site is located in Tianshan South Street of Fukang City, Xinjiang The production of the company covers medicine and health food, which have been obtained national drug GMP authentication, health food GMP authentication and food QS authentication Standing on the superiority of local resource, the company researching,developing and manufacturing rare wild medical materials such as Saussurea involucrate,Herba cistanches, etc. There are some leading products, that is, “Snow Lotuses Oral Liquid”, the national approved medicine with the registered number of approval of Guo Yao Zun Zi Z20025166,the prescribed drug of exclusive......
Snow Lotus Oral Solution,King of Herbs
  (1)Expelling wind and eliminating dampness,for treating rheumatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis,arthralgia,morning stiffness,tumescence and articular pain  (2)Warming kidney andactivating. ...
Snow Lotus Health Preserving Wine
  The wine contains 18 kinds of amino acids and human essential trace element, polycose and flavonoids. It is found by functional evaluation that the wine can improve cytoactive of natural killer cell and cellular immunity...
Snow Lotus Extract Porder
  Taking wild Saussurea involucrate as the raw material, Snow Lotus Extract Porder is manufactured with the modern technology of abstraction and concentration of Chinese crude drug and vacuum drying in low....
Herba cistanches Extractive
  Herba cistanches Extractive takes Cistanc he tubulosa special in Xinjiang as the raw material, extracted with modern technology of abstraction and concentration of Chinese crude drug and membrane...
Copyright: Xinjiang Tianshan Lotus Medcine Co. ,Ltd.  Record number: ICP:11003256
Address: Tianshan South Street, Fukang City, XinJiang,China.
Factory telephone: +86-0994-3222228  TEL: +86-0991-4550750
Fax: +86-0991-4549409  E-mail: xjtsl01@163.com

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